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CV. Hidayat Mundana (Riau, Indonesia)

Website Development Services

Want more famous your company, go international, wants to expand the marketing area? or want to establish communications in a way that is easily and effectively with your customers? Use the web, cheaper, easier. And now you're in the right place. Please contact us!
Website Management Services

Already have your own, but do not have the technical ability to run, like employee salaries also need a big budget. So what's the solution! Leave it to us. We will help manage a website with cheap price. Ok guaranteed. Contact us now!
SMS Gateway Software

Want to make SMS Center or promoted in a way that is cheap, easy and targeted. Just use SMS Ninja. Using Ninja SMS you can send SMS to thousands of numbers, automatic SMS reply, also say happy birthday automatically to your customers. Immediately contact us.


Jl. Teratai Atas 97, Kel. Pulau Karam Kec. Sukajadi, Kota Pekanbaru -Riau Pekan Baru
Riau , Indonesia


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